Several television production companies have turned to us in order to turning their creative needs into reality.

Filming on location can be a very complicated task, moreover when sea, land, air and high mountain human teams coordination is required. Over Limit Group counts on a large professional and multidisciplinary team with a wide experience that will live out your audiovisual project.

More than 10 year experience in a wide range and variety of disciplines both professional and amateur level has led us to thorough knowledge and full confidence in the rest of the members of our team. This fact has enabled us to deal successfully with the increasing challenges and their complexities.

Moving sailing boats to the Sahara Desert in order to film a Portuguese Lottery advertising spot, or coordinating several land,sea and air filming teams for El Traidor (famous TV show from the Spanish television channel CUATRO) are only some examples of that Over Limit Group is able to do. Both of them turned out really successfully not only for our clients but also for us.

Down below you can watch some examples about this projects:



American, German, Portuguese and Spanish producers already work with us. We invite you to get to know us, to ask us for solutions, to test us, or just share your concerns. We will be really pleased to make your needs, ours as well